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Bayern, Bavaria, Bavarese, ...versatile and treasured in the centre of Europe, rich in uniqueness and originals. In the castle-filled region of Bavaria, inimitable ensembles of large European architecture have been preserved together with their ornate interiors. World-renowned attractions, such as the castles of the Bavarian Fairytale King Ludwig II, Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee; the magnificent residences in Munich and Würzburg (UNESCO World Heritage Site); the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth (UNESCO World Heritage Site) or the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, which was home to all of the Emperors in the Holy Roman Empire; are visited each year by millions of people from across the globe. This richness and diversity is the source of inspiration for KulturGut. As an exclusive partner of the Bavarian Palace Department, KulturGut develops products that reflect this inimitable world of Bavarian themes. These products can be discovered in the special setting of the official museum shops run by of the Bavarian Palace Department. KulturGut also works together with internationally renowned European brands, such as Victorinox, and with Bavarian brand icons, like the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. A selection of the available products can be viewed in this online shop. To aid orientation, we have divided the product range up into "Themes" such as "Neuschwanstein Castle", "Clothing" (everything that can be worn), "Living" (including kitchen and table) and "Children". Under these headings you can find almost every kind of product that is connected with the rich themes and decorations from the castle region of Bavaria and that can be enjoyed in day to day life. From fashionable accessories like silk scarves, gloves and umbrellas, to household accessories ranging from porcelain coffee cups to special beer mugs or cushions; all product designs are derived from the inimitable Bavarian cultural artefacts. For some, these products are a little piece of home; for others, they are special messages that represent a unique part of this world and products that, in some cases, can only be bought in this part of the world too. A gift from Bavaria.